Tuesday Talk – Finding the God Within

This week I wanted to focus on the self. It seemed very appropriate since we looked at love and relationships the week before. There are many ways to meet the self and create a long lasting loving relationship and this is just one. I know that for myself IĀ could always use a reminder to interact with my higher self. That piece of me that transcends my physical life. It can be easy to forget that I am unbound in a limitless eternal way. Continue reading Tuesday Talk – Finding the God Within

Tuesday Talk – Valentines day, Psychic Look at Relationships

This Week Tuesday fell on Valentine's Day and so what better to look at than love and relationships. Relationships of all types play such a big part in life. A good measure of the satisfaction we have in our lives come from the way our relationships are working or not working. When we are able to participate in our relationships in ways that promote strength and growth it can be easier to create our ideal life. Continue reading Tuesday Talk – Valentines day, Psychic Look at Relationships

Finding Motivation

Hey Everyone! I hope life is going well. I have been in a very weird place lately. By lately I mean my whole life. I get these incredible ideas that I just know will help completely change my life for the better, but I have the hardest time moving forward or following through. This pattern of behaviors will sometimes send me into a crazy spiral that usually involves fear, failure, shame, despair and a myriad of other not great feeling emotions. Some times it is easy to believe that there is something inherently wrong with me. That the value of my life is based off of my seeming inability to move forward. Being a psychic being I know that this is not the truth. I know that I am more than my behaviors and I am more than the feelings I may be expressing in the moment. It is kind of absurd how powerful these feelings can be. Since I am the only person who ever has these feelings or can be overpowered by self doubt,(sarcasm) I felt like it would be a helpful post. Continue reading Finding Motivation