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Finding Motivation

Hey Everyone! I hope life is going well. I have been in a very weird place lately. By lately I mean my whole life. I get these incredible ideas that I just know will help completely change my life for the better, but I have the hardest time moving forward or following through. This pattern of behaviors will sometimes send me into a crazy spiral that usually involves fear, failure, shame, despair and a myriad of other not great feeling emotions. Some times it is easy to believe that there is something inherently wrong with me. That the value of my life is based off of my seeming inability to move forward. Being a psychic being I know that this is not the truth. I know that I am more than my behaviors and I am more than the feelings I may be expressing in the moment. It is kind of absurd how powerful these feelings can be. Since I am the only person who ever has these feelings or can be overpowered by self doubt,(sarcasm) I felt like it would be a helpful post. Continue reading Finding Motivation

Creating Spiritual Awareness

 How do I create a long lasting practice in spiritual awareness? 
I have found that for me, life is an act in creating spiritual awareness. What does this mean? Using a mixture of psychic tools and self love I seek the wisdom of the infinite cosmos. In some ways I have been very successful at this. There are days that I am all seeing and all knowing. There are others where I can barely roll out of bed. So how do I find balance? How do I create a long lasting practice in spiritual awareness? Continue reading Creating Spiritual Awareness