Brilliance is a Forever Thing

The last few weeks have been incredibly insightful. It started with the past life I shared, Forced Silence. If you haven't read that and the commentary I wrote I highly recommend it.  I have been in an interesting place. I continue to receive information that reinforces my divine brilliant nature. It is something that I am cognitively aware of but it appears that I am in need of constant reminders. It all started with a sacred reiki circle I went to. There was a woman who did sound therapy on us with crystal bowls. Then the host led us through a star gate meditation. The whole time I was constantly getting information. During the singing bowl session I could see and feel all of us being transformed into to inter-dimensional rainbow beings. We were shedding our older denser selves. It was very shamanic. I perceived myself becoming a rainbow and violet butterfly. The flaps of my wings creating the space for vast and incredible change.  One woman I saw as a horse ferrying people from dimension to dimension. Another woman I saw as a spider connecting the realms with her webs. We were all doing spirit work in our own unique ways. Next came the star gate. The day before we met they had created a prosperity portal. The host invited us to experience a small piece of this.  She took us up along the 12 dimensions and invited in a collection of beings. The first was mother Mary. She made me feel so safe and loved. Nurtured in every way possible. The next being was St. Germain. He welcomed me with his kind eyes and open heart. I have gotten the information a few times that I need to look to St. Germain and his violet flame. Though my resistance prevents me from going too far. He greeted me as a brother, reminding me of my own connection to violet light. A connection I still struggle to find and remember. The next being they brought in was Steve. A sweet and gentle soul with a strength even he isn't fully aware of. In many ways Steve is an enigma.  He is as ancient as a being can be but he has the innocence and sweetness of something just starting out on the journey of life. Almost as if there are a collection of Steves and not just one eternal being. Like a flower that returns season after season. New and refreshed after the winter chill. The same flower but also uniquely different. I will admit I was in resistance to how Steve was presented. Part of me wanted to compete with them over who knew Steve better. I could remember him when he was Etienne, a simple joyful monk in the Franciscan order. I could remember him from a life we shared with St. Germain. But as we worked with him, and as I continue to work with Steve, I see that he is not the same simple monk I knew him to be. The energy is the same but it is so profoundly different. Just as this world is so different from that one. It's as if Steve has the ability to be eternally present.  I think that is why he is so good at what he does. The same way a child can see a simple solution to a complex problem. The child doesn't have the same limitations of the adults around them. Their eyes are fresh and new. After the beings we were asked to communicate with our star families. Ask them to give us a gift for our road to abundance and prosperity. I saw an uncountable mass of star beings turn towards me and bow. I could see that they were deferring to me as their prince. A part of me wanted to swell up with pride. 'Of course I am a prince.' I thought. They quickly corrected this misunderstanding. 'All humans are princes.' They said. I am no better or worse than any one. A spiritual prince is not the same as a worldy prince. We as humans can feel our divinity. So we assume that means we should have dominion over others or the world. What it really means is that we have come to serve others and the world. A true leader serves the people they lead. An incredible but subtle difference. A difference I struggle to understand and live by.  The host told of a story where we as humans asked the heavens for help in our daily struggles, only to receive the answer that we are who they sent as help. This is something I intellectually understand but find difficulty in remembering. That week continued and I was blown away time and again by how abundant my life is. I was reminded that I am all I need to be. I am all i need to have everything. I was able to manifest in a way that still boggles my mind. The next spiritual reminder I got over the last few weeks was at a puja we went to. A puja is a buddhist offering ceremony.  It was at a meditation center we have been going to for a few months. The monk who led it was visiting the area from southern California. He said that as we seek enlightenment we should do our best to see the hero nature in ourselves and others. Especially in others. Allow ourselves to seek out the hero nature in others even when who they present is less than heroic. With his words all I could think of were the insights I gained from the reiki circle. The idea that we are all something more than what our physical bodies proclaim us to be. More than what our physical actions, words and beliefs proclaim us to be. I saw this same monk over the weekend at the Northwest Darma conference in Seattle. He was doing an empowerment for the Buddha Maitreya. The Buddha of loving kindness. He was telling a story of a man named Asanga. Asanga was desperate to learn about spirit from a renowned spiritual teacher, but no matter where he went he couldn't find anyone who could teach him.  So Asanga went up into a cave on retreat in the hopes that the buddha Maitreya would present himself and teach him all he needed to know.  He meditated for three years with no result. He decided it was time to leave the mountain. As he did so an emanation of Maitreya showed him he needed to continue, So he went back to his cave and meditated. After another three years Maitreya still didn't appear and he started to once again leave the mountain. Again as he was journeying down the mountain he got the information that he needed to go back to his cave and continue his meditations. He repeated this process 2 more times until 12 years had passed in total. Until one day Asanga showed incredible kindness to an injured and dying dog. In his act of kindness the dog was transformed in to Maitreya. Asanga was so happy to finally be in the presence of Maitreya but confused as to why it had taken so long. He had suffered such pain the last 12 years. 'But dear friend,' Maitreya said. 'I have walked with you from the very beginning. In your delusion you were unable to see me. Your compassion for the dog has removed your cloud of karma.' Maitreya then taught Asanga in the wisdoms of Buddhism. The monk said that in our lives we can never be sure who an emanation of the Buddha is. Only a clairvoyant can really see that. Once again the bells rang in my head. I looked at the people around me and I could see that they were all emanations of the Buddha. It may not have been in the way he meant but I could see these divine lights waiting to become seen. It was if this brilliance was under a filthy blanket of delusion and suffering. I see us huddled under them trying to protect our perceived nakedness. The nakedness of divine being. One of the teachers at this conference said that enlightened beings perceive an enlightened world. I will admit I am not sure if I believe in enlightenment as it is presented but I have been striving to partake in a world that I can see as enlightened. Like Asanga I am letting go of those beliefs or practices that keep me from seeing my spiritual teachers. I could hear the various Buddhas in my ears over the weekend. They greeted me like an old friend much like St. Germain did. At one point I perceived Maitreya paying me a visit. I lived in the mud like a wild animal. He asked me why I was down there, he wanted me to join him. I told him I couldn't. The mud was where I belonged and the mud was where I would stay. He said if that was the case he would join me. In that instant I knew it was unacceptable to let the embodiment of loving kindness wallow in filth. I jumped to my feet to prevent him from soiling himself. he said, 'See that wasn't so hard,' and embraced me. I tried to protest but his efforts overcame me. He said that there was no filth so powerful that loving kindness could not wash it away. In that instant I was like him. I was glowing in gold and covered in the jewels of wisdom and right actions. He took my arm and we walked to meet the other enlightened beings. My weekend continued in this fashion. Something would happen that I would find fault with and the kind gentle words of enlightened beings would bring me wisdom. I was encouraged to have reverence for all people and things and actions. I was told that no action is beneath an enlightened being especially if it is helpful or compassionate. I was reminded that the Buddha is our greatest mirror. His blinding brilliance is a reflection of our own. I was cautioned to remember that wisdom can be lost as fast as it is found. It is an unending practice in remembering who and what we are. I am learning that I have long forgotten who and what I am. Who we are. I will admit I did not think it would take me almost three weeks to process and work through the energy of one short painful life. I get that it is a life long journey but still. I am constantly reminded that this practice is a forever thing. Thank you for joining me on this wild adventure. Please let me know how your own journey of remembrance is going. If you are interested in learning about the people who helped support me in my search for awareness the last few weeks, here they are. Denise Sheehan - Shaman, Reiki Master, Stargate Practitioner Cheryl Bowers - Sound Therapy Samantha Fe - Psychic, Medium, Psychic Teacher Renee - Psychic, Medium, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic Teacher Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist Center - Kadam Heather KMCWA - Gen Kelsang Khedrub KMC CA - Gen Kelsang Rigpa

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