Psychic Reading

The sounds of soft subtle rain drops fall upon my roof; the sky dark and gray. The gentle rain falls faster. The fat droplets are loud and heavy. If I didn't know better, I would say the wet gloom is all there is. I know it is not. Beyond the rain and the clouds is arainy-1375809_960_720 clear blue sky. Soon the rain will stop and the sky will once again shine through, but for now the downpour is what I know. Is the rain falling harder? Will the sun ever shine again? It can be easy to fall in this trap. Thinking that what we are experiencing now is our whole life. This line of thinking can happen at any time. Am I a good parent? Can I find the right spouse? Will I ever get a new job? Will I? Can I? Am I? These questions could go on forever. Like the crystal blue sky and the bright shining sun the answers are there. For whatever reason they are just hidden from view. So Lets Find Them! Using my intuition and psychic training I teach people how to reconnect with their own answers. I coach them in finding their truth in any situation.

What Happens in a Session

I will use my abilities to help pierce through the cloud cover that may be presenting in your current life. Depending on what arises a variety of things could come up.
We may work with
  • past lives
  • relationships
  • prosperity
  • spirit guides
  • deceased loved ones
  • guided meditation
  • breathing work
My sessions are very interactive! I may SEE the energy but you will do the work to MOVE it out of your space. I will be present to help every step of the way. I believe that as it is your life only you can create the change you wish to have.  With insight and practice even the darkest skies can become clear. Contact me for a READING today!

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