Tuesday Talk – Valentines day, Psychic Look at Relationships

This Week Tuesday fell on Valentine's Day and so what better to look at than love and relationships. Relationships of all types play such a big part in life. A good measure of the satisfaction we have in our lives come from the way our relationships are working or not working. When we are able to participate in our relationships in ways that promote strength and growth it can be easier to create our ideal life.

Valentine’s day, Psychic Look at Relationships


How do I define Relationship for this class

A relationship is an interactive communication between two or more beings.  The relationship creates a connection through the communication.

How do I see the relationship

        1. Me
        2. Them
        3. Relationship space


Healthy Communication

healthy communicationThe energy flows from one person through the relationship to the next. The two people can give and take as they need or want. This relieves expectations and limitations that may be placed on them by the relationship. Both people are able to contribute equally and no one feels overwhelmed or burdened. The people in the relationship feel heard, they feel support, and they have the freedom to move around and grow in life

How can relationships and communication go wrong?

Maybe the relation space is full of other energy or emotions. relationshipspacejunkIt can make it hard for two people to hear each other. It can get distracting. It can be like a game of telephone where one person says one thing but the other person hears a different thing, different tone, subject whatever. It can cause people to feel like the relationship is too much work and not worth the effort. Even if they can hear each other it may feel cramped and stifling, no freedom or flexibility

One or more people are in the relationship space

inrelationshipspace It doesn’t allow both parties equality in the relationship. One person has a much larger amount of control on how the communication flows. It can be seen as confrontational to the person who is not in the center of the relationship.

Sometimes both people are in relationship space

bothinrelationshipWhen this times this happens when the two people are  A. Intensely sexual B. They are in an active and prolonged argument C. They have an unhealthy codependency

One person has jumped from their space into the other person’s space

inotherspace When this happens the relationship is either nonreciprocal, very close to ending, or it is very likely abusive. Not only is the person not really able to participate with the relationship they have lost sovereignty of their own space. The other person may be doing things that are considered invasive or abusive. The person who's space has been invaded  may have the tendency to shut down or desperately flee.

How can we work to have a happy healthy relationship space


By fostering awareness in our relationships we can learn a few important things. How are we treating the people we are in relationships with? Is it in a way that is in agreement with the relationship we have? Are we treating them in respect to how we feel about them? E.G in a loving compassionate way. Where does it feel like we are in regards to our relationship space. Are we in our own space or are we somewhere else?  Does everyone have enough space and freedom to be in the relationship and be who they want to be? In a happy healthy relationship we are able to actively communicate and participate while still living an independent individual life.


Through meditation we are able to work on and with our relationships. We can create a relationship space that is safe and rewarding for everyone involved. Some things we might want to meditate are
  • Patience
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Adventure
  • Excitement
  • Stability
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. If this information was confusing in any way or inspired a question or two, please don't hesitate to ask. I live stream on Youtube every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm Pacific time. Each week I look at an aspect of everyday life in a psychic way. If you feel like you could use some psychic info into your own relationships contact me for a reading . I would love to hear from you! Until next time, Sweet dreams and drive safe.

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