jamesMy name is James, I am a psychic and meditation teacher. I have always felt that we are more than just our bodies. As a little boy my mother was very sick. I know she wished to be well, but she was never able to get past her pain and weakness. She took medication after medication and saw doctor after doctor with no real improvement or recovery. Her poor tale ends with her battered and broken body finally giving up. After years of being excessively medicated she required  dialysis for kidney failure.  In almost unending pain her struggle for health was lost. The doctors she saw, some skilled and some not, were always only treating her body. They never thought to treat her heart, her mind, or her soul.
Mom and me
I believe that the way we currently see medicine can only take us so far in creating and maintaining health. It is up to us to finally realize the importance of SELF when we look at and try to understand the concept of health; That is where I come in. Using psychic awareness and meditation I  show my clients that they are so much more than their aches and pains. We are so much more than our perceived weaknesses. Using my extra senses I look at energies or emotions that may be stuck in or around the body along with the aura or chakras.  I then use guided meditation to help my client release the energy that may be causing pain tension or stagnation. My sessions are very interactive! I may SEE the energy but you will do the work to MOVE it out of your space. I will be present to help every step of the way. I believe that as it is your life only you can create the change you wish to have.  With insight and practice even the darkest skies can become clear. Join me today on the journey to a higher YOU!   Like me on Facebook!  

Encouraging Spiritual Awareness