Tuesday Talk – Finding the God Within

This week I wanted to focus on the self. It seemed very appropriate since we looked at love and relationships the week before. There are many ways to meet the self and create a long lasting loving relationship and this is just one. I know that for myself I could always use a reminder to interact with my higher self. That piece of me that transcends my physical life. It can be easy to forget that I am unbound in a limitless eternal way.  

Tuesday Talk - Finding the God Within


How do I define the higher self for this class

The higher self is the  base substance of a being that encompasses infinite potentials beyond their current form or experience. It exists independently of the "us" we know or experience. It is that aspect of you that goes beyond this physical life. It is Infinite,  Immortal, and Eternal. A universe unto itself. It exists outside of space and time, beyond this physical 3D world. It has no inherent qualities. It isn’t bogged down by an ego or identity. It is the part of us that goes on from lifetime to lifetime. It helps us plan and process before and after each lifetime. It allows us to have consciousness. It allows us to have awareness beyond the time and space we live in through memory, imagination, psychic, intuition, and so on.

Psychically I see the higher self as

An incredibly brilliant golden light residing in the center of the heart chakra. The heart is a door of sorts for the higher self to flow into the body and into the physical world. From there it flows out beyond the body, beyond time and space into all directions forever. It connects us to everyone and everything. But is still in a way its own thing. My higher self is not exactly your higher self but they are not quite separate. It is an individual but not necessarily different, like bodies of water that flow in and out of one another.

How does it effect us

It is an incredible resource that already belongs to us. Like having a bank account we forgot about. It is already an aspect of ourselves. It is used to create and manifest. It is inexhaustible . It is fuel for everything we want to do and be. When we can connect to it, all of the things that limit us melt away, because what can limit something that is infinite?

What does it feel like to be connected to the higher self?

There is a strength and stability that the higher self provides. A peaceful acceptance of everything.  Being connected creates a sense of uninhibited curiosity. It allows for a space of openness and vulnerability that is completely safe. It is like being bathed in infinite wisdom that is completely yours. It is like having all the information and answers in the universe. The ability to know when to use them and when to hold back. The higher self isn’t fearful, arrogant, greedy, impatient. It is not human or human like. It does not possess the qualities that humans have, though we do posses attributes of our higher selves. When we are connected it can be easier to release emotions and feelings that make it hard for us to be our best selves.

We are always in some way connected to the higher self

Sometimes we feel completely connected and sometimes we do not. In our human form we have been taught to attribute disappointment or powerlessness to these times of disconnection. Even when we feel down at our lowest the higher self is still with us. We may be doing everything “wrong” but we are still doing something right. We are never so disconnected from ourselves that the higher self has no sway in our lives The idea of enlightenment is when we can fully connect with our higher self and experience it in every moment. The being we are in this lifetime and the higher self have become one.

How it works with us.

In many ways the higher self is the foundation of our human mind. Stripped of all the human parts, all the baggage and programming that comes with being human. We receive information through Creativity, Imagination, Memory, Intuition, Inspiration and so on.  The higher self doesn’t need to survive, but our human bodies do. So we participate with the world in ways that we think will make us the most successful. This need to survive can convince us that our physical form is all there is. We start to identify as the physical body. As male, female, white, black, gay, straight, this, that. We forget that we encompass infinity. When the body feels pain, we think we are pain. When the body feels discomfort, we think we are discomfort. When the body is enslaved, we think we are slaves . We become our physical experiences. We become what we are feeling. We seek physical comfort or health to make us happy. The body becomes the most important thing, instead of just one aspect in human life.

Having a purposeful Connection with Higher Self

Awareness takes practice and patience. We can ask our selves pointed observant questions to determine our relationship to the higher self. Am I able to acknowledge that I have an infinite, eternal, immortal higher self? Am I identifying with my physical body or life? Is what I’m feeling a decidedly human emotion? Am I seeking material satisfaction instead of inner connection? Am I comfortable looking past  the physical forms  or actions of others to acknowledge that they have an infinite, eternal, immortal higher self? Does everyone in my life have enough space and freedom to be connected to their highest self?


Through meditation we are able to work on and with our higher self. Working with the higher self can help us transform every aspect of our lives. Some things we might want to meditate on are
  • Acknowledge the lack of inherent self qualities
  • Looking beyond the physical body
  • Focusing on the higher self in our heart chakra
  • Patience
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. If this information was confusing in any way or inspired a question or two, please don’t hesitate to ask. I live stream on YouTube every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm Pacific time. Each week I look at an aspect of everyday life in a psychic way. If you feel like you could use some psychic info into your own higher self contact me for a reading . I would love to hear from you! Until next time, Sweet dreams and drive safe.

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