I invite you to come on a journey. To places of spirit and wonder. These are places you have seen in dreams, or the deep dark reaches of your soul. This journey may seem hard or scary, but at its end, if it can be said to have an end, awaits a more fully realized version of life. Learn how to open you heart, and open your mind to all that spirit has to offer. Don't wait another day to meet a Higher you.   intuitive coaching

Intuitive Awareness Coaching

The purpose of this training is to give you tools to live your best life. It will help you see the obstacles and old patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward on your path. Maybe you aren’t even sure there is a path. Intuitive Coaching is great at helping access the information that is uniquely yours.

Learn About

  • Connecting to you Higher Self
  • Spiritual grounding
  • The Chakra and Aura System
  • How to Move Energy
  • Reading Energy
  • Communicating with Guides and Spirits
  • The Akashic Records
  • Past Life Regression
  • And Much More!!!


Basic Grounding and Meditation

The fundamentals of psychic based meditation. By the end of this you will know how to...
  • Create grounding to earth and cosmos
  • Connect to higher self
  • Create a neutral head space
  • Have awareness of aura bubble
  • Interact with the aura chakra system
  • Open heart and channel self love
  • Move energy out of your field
  • Create spiritual protection
Ten 1-hour sessions to complete this program. Includes a 30 min "Energy Check-in" session to support your growth.  

Introduction to Clairvoyance & Clairsentience

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Advanced Psychic Awareness

More to come!   psychic reading

Psychic Reading

I will use my abilities to help pierce through the cloud cover that may be presenting in your current life. Depending on what arises a variety of things could come up.
We may work with
  • past lives
  • relationships
  • prosperity
  • spirit guides
  • deceased loved ones
  • guided meditation
  • breathing work
My sessions are very interactive! I may SEE the energy but you will do the work to MOVE it out of your space. I will be present to help every step of the way. I believe that as it is your life only you can create the change you wish to have.  With insight and practice even the darkest skies can become clear.   Schedule your appointment today like me on facebook!   medicalintuitive

Medical Intuitive

More to come! Schedule your appointment today like me on facebook!

Encouraging Spiritual Awareness