Maybe You Do Know What You’re Talking About

Here is a meditation video based on the past life I looked at on May 21st. I recommend that you read that before listening to this video. A Show of Magic: A Past Life pt1 A Show of Magic: A Past Life pt2 Separating the Magic From the Person Here is a basic rundown of this meditation. Ground and connect to the earth. Create a line of energy from the major chakras starting with the first and working up to the 7th. Allow grounding cord to relax and release fear, judgement, and resistance down the grounding cord. Create a bubble, any size, shape, or color in front of you. Allow this to float through your space and absorb any fear, judgement, or resistance. Let it work like a black hole or a vacuum. Let it work through you aura, your body, your chakras, and every inch of your space. Be aware as it absorbs any and all of those three energies in your space. Become aware of yourself feeling lighter and more relaxed. When the bubble is full bring it back out in front of you. Pop the bubble. Be aware as the bubble and all the energy inside is destroyed. Let it disappear forever. Create another bubble in front of you. Any size, shape or color. Let this bubble absorb any and all programming from your space that makes you feel less than. Any programming that makes you feel foolish or powerless. Any energy that makes you feel like a fraud or an impostor. Once again allow this bubble to float through your body, aura and chakras. Let this bubble absorb any and all of this energy like a black hole. When the bubble is big and full of these energies that you are ready to let go, bring it out in front of you and pop the bubble. Watch as the bubble and all the energy are destroyed and disappear forever. Once again create a bubble. This bubble is a time traveling bubble. Send this bubble back in time to the very first time that someone taught you to feel like a fraud or an impostor. Maybe it was a parent, a teacher, or a peer. Let the bubble absorb any and all pain, fear, judgement and any other type of energy that may have been put into your space in that past moment. Be aware as the bubble absorbs the beliefs and ideals of the person who put that energy into your space. As this bubble cleans and clears your past it create room for you in the present time. Allow this bubble to come into the present and clean out your space. Let this bubble remove any and all energy that was affected by this past situation that made you feel like a fraud or an impostor. When this bubble is big and full of this energy, bring it out of your space and pop it. Watch as it and all that past situation energy is destroyed. Check your grounding. Allow any loose energy to flow down to the center of the earth. Make sure you are still grounded. Now to finish see a nice big bright bubble out in front of you. Allow it to be your favorite shade of your favorite color. Allow this bubble to absorb any and all of your energy from the universe that you need after this meditation. Allow it to collect up any and all energy that you may have left throughout time and space. Allow this bubble to fill up with your strength and your wisdom. Allow this bubble to be filled up with the idea that you are perfectly capable right here right now. You are perfectly capable in this moment in your life. Allow the bubble to be filled with your version of confidence. Let it collect up all the knowledge you need to move forward on your path. Let the bubble bring in joy and amusement. Let it bring in peace and relaxation. When this bubble is as big and full as it can be bring it into your heart chakra at the center of your chest. Be aware as this energy starts to enter and fill up your space. From your heart let the energy fill up your body, your other chakras, your aura and everything that you are. Top to bottom, front to back, side to side, and everything in between.  For good measure create a second bubble. fill it up with all the things you want and need from the universe. Bring it into your space. Take some deep breaths and when you are ready come out of meditation.   Well thank you for joining me on this past life adventure. If you are interested in getting a past life reading or learning how to do a past life reading go HERE!

2 thoughts on “Maybe You Do Know What You’re Talking About”

  1. I feel like you have something really special here James. It may take some time to build an audience but once you do you will have a huge following. I like the direction you are going. It is so refreshing and connects to a person in a different way than what is readily available.

    It is like your blog is filled with magic and wonder. I almost feel like these are magic lessons.

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