Creating Spiritual Awareness

 How do I create a long lasting practice in spiritual awareness? 
I have found that for me, life is an act in creating spiritual awareness. What does this mean? Using a mixture of psychic tools and self love I seek the wisdom of the infinite cosmos. In some ways I have been very successful at this. There are days that I am all seeing and all knowing. There are others where I can barely roll out of bed. So how do I find balance? How do I create a long lasting practice in spiritual awareness? Lets start with psychic tools. What exactly are those? I define psychic in my practice as any ability that allows me to interact with spirit. The ability I use most is clairvoyance, but really I have a whole closet full of them. My clairvoyance allows me to see spirit or energy in a way that I can gain information about the world around me. I have found this to be the most helpful when dealing with people. People wear their energy around them like giant cloudy coats. The energy envelopes them in ways that can be both protective and entangling. Using my psychic skills I look for traps or snares in my own space. I find this to be the most valuable use of my abilities.  I look for the things that are holding me back or will help propel me forward. So I am psychic what else could I need? Well wouldn't you believe it, but I guess there is a great deal more. An area that hasn't always come as easily as the psychic part is self love. I wasn't aware of just how little I loved myself. I believed all the doubts and judgments and other harmful little things running through my mind. I say little because in reality they are insignificant half truths, that like drops of water, build into an overwhelming wave ready to crush everything. It has been a journey just to stay dry. In this I can thank my psychic skills. They have helped me navigate through the delusions and half truths. They help me to see all that I am. They help me see all the things I am capable of. I know that being psychic is not required for self love it makes it a whole lot easier. So how does a person become psychic or find self love? The method I use is guided meditation. With continued practice over the last 5 years I have transformed almost everything that I am. I am still me, but the ways I have come to see the world couldn't be more different.
I like to think that the road to spiritual awareness leads to anywhere a person wants to go. Sometimes it ends in enlightenment and other times it leads to a peaceful dinner with friends.
In my practice I work with people to clean and clear the energetic centers in and around them. This includes connecting to the earth and the cosmos, interacting with the akashic records, learning how to channel various types of energies, working with spirit guides, connecting with past loved ones, as well as a multitude of other activities. My teachings also include lessons on patience, compassion, forgiveness, anger, frustration, and the myriad of human emotional conditions. All with the idea of fostering spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness can bring anything from peace, to a greater sense of joy, to healing of all types. The possibilities are endless.  

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