Intuitive Awareness Coaching

My whole life I have felt different. I was a very sensitive little boy. I could hear things, sense things. Things that people told me weren't there. I hated sleeping with the lights off. In the darkness of my bedroom I just knew I wasn't alone.  I would flee into the safety of my parents room only to have them invalidate my fears in an angry matterhorn-507015_960_720stupor. They just wanted to get back to sleep. I would lie awake, not daring to turn on my light. That would get me in trouble. I would huddle under my blankets, sweltering in the heat of my own breath, and pray for sleep. Once asleep I would have intense and vivid dreams. Dreams so brilliant I can remember them in full detail 27 years later. I cannot always remember what I've eaten for lunch  but I remember the dreams of a toddler me. I did not know it then but these events and others were a result of my intuitive nature. I was tapping into the spirit world all around me. I believe that everyone has the inborn ability to participate with spirit. All it takes is a little know how and a bit of practice. Learn tools to help you transform your life.

Learn About

  • Connecting to you Higher Self
  • Spiritual grounding
  • The Chakra and Aura System
  • How to Move Energy
  • Reading Energy
  • Communicating with Guides and Spirits
  • The Akashic Records
  • Past Life Regression
  • And Much More!!!
The purpose of this training is to give you tools to live your best life. It will help you see the obstacles and old patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward on your path. Maybe you aren't even sure there is a path. Psychic energy work is great at helping access the information that is uniquely yours. I invite you to join me today and start your own journey in Intuitive Awareness Training!

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